2017 Nissan GT-R Base Model Pricing Confirmed To Be $111,585

A great deal of improvements had been implemented in the 2017 Nissan GT-R model and it has led to an increased price tag of $111,585.

2017 Nissan GT R

Nissan officially announced the pricing and also detailed the list of changes they have made to the sporty performance variant from the brand’s stable. The pricing of the car includes destination charges of $1,595. Compared to the 2016 edition of the car, the new model is a solid $8,220 higher making it expensive from a layman’s perspective. However, the target audience for the GT-R is definitely not the average commuter but those with enough cash to spend that could bring the best of acceleration and top speed in a stylish package.

Three different trim levels are confirmed for the 2017 Nissan GT-R but there is no word on the pricing for these trimlines. Instead, the automobile manufacturer has announced the cost for the base model and made it an easy guess for those waiting to buy the car. Apart from the base components, customers have complete control over the model and can choose to customize it the way they want it to.

Super silver paint is a new color variant being offered by Nissan which will set you by back an additional $3,000 and there’s also the Blaze Metallic which is based on the orange hue. It is much cheaper at $1,000. For the same price, another color variant named Pearl White is also offered by the team. Like its earlier models, the new 2017 GT-R can be upgraded with a premium interior package. It improves the seats with semi-aniline leather and offers different color choices for the same including ivory, rakuka tan and amber.

When purchased individually, the leather costs $4,000 and additional floor mats at $295 which as a combined package is much cheaper. The new edition of the car is powered by a 3.8-liter V6 twin turbo engine capable of delivering 565 horsepower coupled with 467 lb feet of torque. The chassis of the new car is stiffer and the gearbox is tweaked to offer smoother transition possible.

2017 Nissan GT R front

Nissan has also launched the GT-R Nismo which shares a lot of components and features with the GT-R Premium but the Nismo is a car specifically designed for the tracks and is capable of producing higher than 600 horsepower. Such models are not permitted to be driven on the roads which is when the Premium version becomes an ultimate choice for most buyers.

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