2017 Range Rover Evoque Ember Edition in Red and Black Launched

With an eye catchy combination of red and black, the special Ember edition of the 2017 Range Rover is a great buy for long time fans and newcomers who are planning to go for a large SUV from the brand.

The upcoming Ember edition is built and designed on the HSE dynamic platform. While the platform is not new, the designers have managed to incorporate a range of details and additional features in the car. The red roof is a unique and captivating addition for the ones who prefer to have a vehicle that stands out. It is exceptionally sporty which is appropriately accentuated by the black body. The red lining is also found on the rear and the front bumpers.


The boot area and the bonnet are black while the wheels, lights are also darkened so as to make the car match the seamless flow. The color scheme is carried out on the interiors with majority of the areas painted black including the seats and the side trim. The red colored pattern is used in the leather stitching, the floor mats and other specific areas. The special edition is limited in numbers and will be sold only for three months until summer.

Pricing of the 2017 Range Rover Evoque Ember Edition is priced at £47,200. Updated features in the model include a driving mode which makes it easier for the driver to navigate slipper roads. There’s a low traction launch mode. When activated, the mode limits the amount of torque delivered to the wheels so as to avoid a wheel spin.

The center console is an InControl Touch Pro infotainment, equipped with enough analog controls as well as touch screen system. It has been designed with features to suit the Evoque convertible model. The infotainment system is used in majority of models including the HSE Dynamic, Dynamic Lux, autobiography and other high end variants. They also support smartphone connectivity and has a touchscreen display with higher resolution to reproduce sharper images.

With the help of the console, drivers can set a course and it receives information from satellites to help them reach the spot. A top down camera is integrated in the car to make it easier to park in congested spots.


The SE Tech model is priced at £33,000. A graphite design pack is available as an add-on but it is purely up to the buyer to decide to go for it.

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