2017 Toyota Prius Spy Photos Emerge Highlighting Redesigned Interior

The 2016 Toyota Prius has again been spotted in spy photos. And even though the car is heavily camouflaged, we get a glimpse of how the body will look.

Additionally, multiple reports are spreading about the new and redesigned interior of the popular hybrid.


First things first; the interior is now modern, clean and sleek. Toyota has moved forward from the traditional interior and analogue instrument panel, as the company has installed a LED screen on the center stack. While the 2016 Prius still keeps the center-biased cluster, there are improvements in the functionality. The cluster is still spread across the dashboard, but the new LCD screen adds functionality and technology amenities.

One thing is certain, the LCD screen will handle most of the technology functions in the vehicle. There will still be some touches of tradition, as the HVAC system or the heating ventilation and air conditioning systems will still be operated by traditional buttons. The buttons will be placed in strip just beneath the LCD screen display.

The LCD screen display will offer information such as transmission settings, speedometer, energy usage and other flow-related details.

The reports regarding the exterior are non-existent, since the Prius is heavily camouflaged. We will know more for sure, but Toyota will have to bring their A-game in order to make the 2016 Prius a successful story. Some of the new design lines that are visible on the camouflaged version are the sculpted lines on the front bumper, front fenders and the hood. The headlamps have also undergone a cosmetic tweak, with the new shape looking more like the headlamps on the Nissan 370Z.

2017 toyota prius

One way Toyota believes it can compete with the competition is to increase the capacity of the battery charger. The first version of the Prius was able to go just 10 to 12 miles on battery charge, placing the Prius in the bottom of the class. However, the new 2016 Toyota Prius will bump the battery mileage up to 35 miles, which is a huge jump. The new battery charge should put the Prius on the second spot for battery efficiency, just under the Chevrolet Volt, a plug-in hybrid that can go 50 miles on batteries.

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