2018 BMW 3 Series Spy Shots Emerge from Europe

The 2018 BMW 3 is now being tested in Europe, Scandinavia to be precise and the company seems to be testing its resistance in harsh winter conditions.

The brand has recently launched the F30 3 series and it may not be a while until they introduce something new to the crowd. G20 is the next launch which is in its near production stages and the test car is already out on the roads. In order to keep a low profile for the car, the company has chosen one of the remotest locations in the world, but the spy photographers just don’t give up easily.


In the G20, buyers will receive the 1.5-liter turbocharged three-cylinder engine. In the test vehicle, we can see that the overall design of the car has been made seamless and much tighter than the earlier editions. The edges are sharper, but on the whole, the car looks very much like a conventional sedan designed to appeal to the majority of commuters.

Apart from the petrol engine variant, BMW will continue to make diesel engines. The 3 series G20 will feature a trim line variant powered by a 2.0-liter four-cylinder diesel engine. There will be a petrol version of the same. People who love powerful cars, should obviously opt for the one powered by six-cylinder turbocharged engines under the hood.

BMW is in a tight spot to comply with strict emission regulations imposed by European countries. Even though, things are a bit flexible in the United States and United Kingdom, it still poses a strong challenge to almost every automaker out there. Many have opted for plug-in hybrid models.

Top manufacturers including Porsche, Toyota, Chevrolet and Ford are making electric cars or those powered by an additional electric engine to overcome the diesel issues. In short, we may see a future where diesel cars are out of the market and will be replaced by hybrid models paving way for a fully electric future.


Surprisingly, now is the time when oil has hit the lowest pricing ever, but the automobile world is moving towards a much better technology with amazing mile range. On a single charge, most cars travel 30 to 50 miles while the bigger ones are capable of offering 100 to 200-mile range. Tesla will launch its own cheap electric car followed by every other automobile manufacturer.

BMW may not do such with their 3 series but they are at it with their ‘i’ series cars.

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