2018 BMW Z5 Spy Photos Show a Camouflaged Car, Closer to Production

The 2018 BMW Z5 was spotted in new spy shots that show the car entirely covered in camouflage and shows very little of the design.

Based on the looks, it seems that the team is moving towards the final production version as the car is now complete in shape than it used to be.

2018 BMW Z5 Spy Photos

BMW engineers are keen on delivering the perfect car and in order to do so, they continued to test prototypes of different models to arrive at the right one for the Z5 Roadster. They have testing two new models, the Z5 and the Toyota Supra Coupe which are expected to soon hit the manufacturing plant located in Graz, Austria. The overall shape of the car spotted in the spy shots released by Motor1 look a lot like the Z4. However, it distinguishes itself with an aggressive front face even though it’s tough to make out the design due to the camouflage used.

The BMW Z5 has a low profile yet is strikingly appealing with new black rivets, quarter panels and revamped door design. All these are some of the important highlights in the car but they are kept hidden at the moment. The changes are not only reserved to the front end but can be spotted in the rear end. Along with the modified taillights, the car now has a third brake light located on the trunk lid.

Based on the number of changes the designers did to the Z5 model ever since its first prototype, we can say that this may not be the actual final edition. There could be more minor tweaks done to the car but as it looks more like a production version, it may not undergo drastic changes in terms of overall design. Spy shots show the exterior of the car and there are no photos that depict how the interiors look. Being one of the prominent models from the BMW brand, it is safe to assume that they will add the best connectivity systems, in-car technologies and make sure it falls in line with other models released in the recent past.

2018 BMW Z5

While inside rumors suggest that the BMW Z5 Roadster and the Toyota Supra are expected to offer the best performance they could in their class, there is still no word on a possible M performance version. Any car with the M tag will stand out with exceeding performance numbers but we can’t confirm such a model is coming until there is solid information related to it. And, the engine that’s to be used in the Z5 is still unknown.

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