2020 BMW M5 Can Now be Upgraded with M Performance Parts

The latest news from the BMW stable seems promising as the 2020 BMW M5 facelift will soon receive M Performance Parts.

The rollout has already begun in the month of July 2020 and should be available for users worldwide without much delay.

With these performance parts upgrade that you can do by spending more on the existing model, you can immediately get some significant upgrades on the car. The changes include improved driving dynamics, a flourished design with new aesthetics and some sporty accents to make the car compete with a sports model. Some of the upgrades also contribute to help reduce the weight of the vehicle that should obviously lead to an improved and easier handling when driving.

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Performance Steering Wheel

The most surprising and interesting addition in the M Performance Parts collection is the steering wheel that you can choose to replace for your M5. The exquisite experience is delivered right from its exterior design as it is covered in Alcantara leather that feels great to hold. The M Performance tag is printed on the lower side while the top area is marked by the Motorsport Blue color. The steering wheel is tight and provides increased grip yet doesn’t impose any kind of stringent tension when you are driving for long hours.

BMW M5 M Performance parts

Official Performance Parts Make a Better Difference

The increased level of comfort on your 2020 BMW M5 can be achieved by modifying it with the sports suspension. It is offered as part of the package but the engineers have managed to accomplish this without changing the damper settings. When you choose to upgrade the suspension, it can help avoid rollovers and offer higher speeds while cutting corners.

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As part of the upgrade, there is also the option to go for 20-inch M Performance wheels which carries the M logo and has a 3D spoke geometry. The M Performance parts for the new BMW M5 facelift edition is available in over one dozen variants. Based on your budget and what is most preferred for an improved ride quality, you can opt for some or all of the performance parts.

BMW M5 M Performance parts

While some buyers do tend to go with third party vendors who offer these upgrades, having certified M Performance parts on your BMW car will ensure they perform on optimal levels. The official support is provided by the brand’s manufacturer and they seamlessly blend with the car as soon as the upgrade is done which is why official upgrades are always given more preference.

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