2020 Honda HR-V Offers New Interior Color Options for its Buyers

When choosing the new 2020 Honda HR-V, buyers had limited options in the past when it comes to customizing the interior color of the car.

The newest announcement from the brand has confirmed that if you are willing to pay $400, you should be able to bring in a significant upgrade to the HR-V RS and the HR-V VTi-LX models.

The term interior color options are applicable to everything on the inside including the leather cover on the seats, the dashboard and the in-between storage areas found between passenger seats. The HR-V is easily one of the most expensive and premium offerings from Honda. According to the company’s official update, the new option would be a crimson deep red interior which will be exclusive to the RS edition. While it is being promoted as red, the color tone however may look different and it is best you witness it in person before making the purchase.

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For the VTi-LX model owners, the Classic White interior option is being provided. Honda is quite confident about the colors they offer because they have already provided a limited-run variant of the same in 2019 on the same cars. Instead of being a limited edition option in the past, this has now become a permanent color edition that buyers could opt for when they buy the Honda HR-V or other related variants.

Improving the Interior Color Choices

The pricing of $400 is quite reasonable considering the fact that the interior color option will be applied on a range of areas including the seats, center console, dashboard and door armrests. In their official statement, the company said that style is an important aspect for the brand and the customers who enjoy driving a Honda car.

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“Small SUV cars are insanely popular in modern times and when the style quotient is further enhanced with a unique color palette on the inside, it will encourage buyers to choose what they prefer the most. The HR-V owners will also be able to showcase the uniqueness of the SUV they own and will enjoy the color choice even though the performance, features remain the same on the Honda car,” said Robert Thorp, General Manager of Product in Australia.

For the 2020 Honda HR-V RS edition owners, the Crimson variant can be availed in multiple choices including pearl white, silver, dark silver and an all-black edition. The VTi-LX owners will get similar options except for the red colored variant which is a unique offering.

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