2021 BMW 4 Series – Quick Review on What’s Best and What isn’t

For the select few who aren’t keen into reading through long reviews, here is a quick review of the 2021 BMW 4 Series.

Similar to many other products in the same lineup, the car delivers one of the best performance with its powertrain and easy to handle. At the same time, it falls short of innovation on the design elements and is supposed to be many generations older than what is being packed on the inside.

Throughout their launches, BMW has always been a brand that focuses on keeping things as familiar as possible. It is one another reason that forced most automobile brands to retain the gasoline powertrain for years before they slowly make the switch to the electric future. The newly launched BMW 4 Series may be a great addition for people who just want more of the same as its design is pretty much the same as the outgoing model. They have also retained all the performance which should make even the most demanding driver happy.

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The kidney grille which continues to be the important addition in every other BMW car can be spotted in the new 4 Series as well. There are many rumors all around the internet as the company enters a new decade and may probably make some unique changes to it. Everything is still in prototype stages which is why the new car for 2021 continues to have the same grille. The car delivers excellent paddle shifting and the steering feels super smooth that you will fall in love with its response levels.

Performance, Braking and Design!

As we have already went through all the design issues that didn’t really appease the review team, the 2021 BMW 4 Series does deliver in terms of performance. The brakes are exceptionally strong while the tires continue to offer maximum grip on any kind of road. The transmission is equally good that it will ease the person in the driving seat into assuming this is possibly an automated car that could glide through traffic or on a long drive.

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The interior albeit being old continues to get the job done. The infotainment system and dashboard is large but it looks familiar, especially for owners of previous BMW cars. The system is equipped with iDrive, a unique BMW asset that continues to provide gesture control, smooth user interface and lets you do lots of actions including controlling the volume or changing the channels on the radio station. The model 2021 BMW M440i xDrive starts at $59,495 and will go higher based on your region.

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