2021 BMW iNext Specifications and Pricing Revealed, EV Race is On

BMW is among the many top players in the automobile industry who are yet to make their official jump into the world of electric cars.

The 2021 BMW iNext is expected to be the biggest launch ever for the prestigious brand. It is their flagship electric car which is all set for an October launch and more variants of the car will be unveiled next year.

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The exterior design of the car will be revealed next month which should give customers a much clear idea of what to expect from this futuristic electric vehicle. The brand has also confirmed that they have another high-tech cabin in the making but its design will not be revealed until the first half of 2021. In terms of innovative design and packing in so many features that a driver would ever use, BMW is set to take on Tesla and other rivals with an upper hand.

Design, Specs and Upgrades

The new BMW iX is inspired by the company’s crossover models. The platform through different has its fair share of similarities with the X3 and X5. It also allowed the company to implement an all-wheel drive in this particular model so as to offer the highest level of comfort during long drives. Besides, if you already have had the opportunity to drive or be in an X5, it should be much easier to deduce the actual height of this vehicle.

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The prototype version of the car has been spotted multiple times but without the camouflage on top of it, it looks like the large kidney grille is being retained. Coming across a BMW vehicle without one is a rare feat and it is obvious that they would want to retain the design for the new age all-electric cars. The front bumper is inspired by the BMW i variants offering it the best aerodynamic levels possible combined with a wide tailgate and definitive tail lights.

Based on the initial information available, it looks like BMW is going for three different variants to focus on different aspects of the market. The power delivery will vary from a base level of 300 horsepower to a high level 600 horsepower which will be the more expensive solution. With large batteries and better weight management, the 2021 BMW iNext is expected to easily deliver about 400 kilometers on a full charge. An additional upgrade could push it further to 600 kilometers making it great for long drives. The cars are expected to be available in November next year.

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