2021 BMW iNext – Spy Shots of the Next Gen Electric SUV Emerges Online

With nearly every automobile manufacturer stepping into the electric vehicle game, it is not surprising to know the 2021 BMW iNext is much closer to launch than we expected.

The brand known for its range of cars and unique design aesthetics doesn’t disappoint so far. We expected the trend to continue when they step into this fully electric SUV marker with this iNext which was spotted in a series of spy shots.

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Based on latest updates, it has been confirmed that BMW is getting ready to unveil the iX electric SUV which is also known as the iNext. The big launch will take place in the month of November which is really close at this point of time. The team is busy driving prototype models for the car to ensure they get the best performance, battery power and reliability in the new platform. The latest spy shots come from Munich where the car was spotted being driven around and Instagram user, @joelre98 spotted it with very little camouflage. With a view to reduce battery usage, they have opted for a flowing roofline which helps in keeping the aerodynamics tight and move the large SUV with minimal power.

Official Design Retained for BMW Fans

The kidney grille has always been one feature that BMW would never give up and it is good to see it moving into the 2021 BMW iNext, into a series of futuristic electric cars. It is slightly larger than what we have seen in other models. The car will not feature an all-automatic driving mode which is still in beta on the Tesla cars. It will however deliver Level 4 autonomous driving system in the near future while Level 3 will be offered next year when it is available in stores.

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Self-driving cars are still a far fetched dream and the new range of electric cars focus more on mile range rather than making them fully autonomous. All these vehicles are supposed to be perform better in real world conditions, help people travel without the battery running out. The 2021 BMW iNext is expected to deliver about 300hp to 600hp. They will also have feature large batteries that can go up to 300 kilometers up to 600 kilometers on a full charge making them more dependable. The rumored models are iX40, iX50 and iX60 with prices expected to start at 70,000 euros for the entry level model. The more expensive variant will go up to 120,000 euros.

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