2021 BMW M3 and M4 Gets M Performance Parts Detailed

Customizing your own vehicle is an experience in itself because not all of them are designed to boost performance.

Instead, they often push the aesthetics to the maximum level while adding a sense of completion to the car you own. The 2021 BMW M3, M4 has received confirmation from all the M Performance Parts that will be available for purchase on launch.

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For people who are new to the scene, these parts may sound super expensive. Some of them were already integrated in the upcoming BMW M series cars and were spotted on road on the camouflaged vehicle. The significant upgrade among the lot that seriously excites us is the titanium exhaust system which provides a solid weight removal from the factory edition of the car. It shaves off about 11 pounds from the stock exhaust which in turn easily contributes to better control and the original BMW powertrain’s sound can still be heard. They are being controlled by the flaps in the system so that they are not altered in any way if the exhaust is modified.

Before you decide to jump into the purchase, it is important to know that the M Performance exhaust system is much louder than expected. When directly compared with the original exhaust system, it is an ideal upgrade for those who need something different and louder. As part of the package, they also offer a coilover suspension system. The additional component is capable of changing the suspension level anywhere between 5mm and 20mm.

Improved Performance

According to BMW, by modifying the suspension of the 2021 BMW M3 and M4 with M Performance Parts customers can expect reduced roll in tight corners. Even when they are travelling at high speed they will be able to complete the corner with minimal effort as it changes the center of gravity. The component was designed and tested on race tracks to ensure they can allow faster speed on the road but without the risk of having to slow down during a long curve. It will be useful for regulars who hits the road for a long drive.

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The M Performance Brake Pads are another set of upgrades designed and tested in the tracks. They provide so much control over the car at the highest possible speed and will further improve it on the road. There are snow chains for those unique requirements and additional add-ons including side skirts, spoiler and wings among other options available including decals.

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