2021 BMW M4 Convertible Spotted, Less Camouflaged than Before

The 2021 BMW M4 convertible is in the making and the car’s camouflage has been removed in places.

With spy shots going out all the time, it is usually difficult to find whether they have made some big changes yet or not. However, the series of shots that we have received now looks on par with expectations as it is directly being tested in the nurburgringrace track.

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The M4 Coupe will be the first edition to make its way to the stores. Despite all the possible talks of a delay, it has been confirmed that it will be available in showrooms by 2021. The car will be up for sale in March next year after which the new M4 Convertible is in the waitlist. Both models obviously share a lot of content and design elements. The front fascia remains the same along with the reduced ride height. For most people who wanted the M4, they will not miss much even if they choose to go with the convertible over the coupe edition.

Powerful Performance with Similar Design

The car’s performance is delivered by the powertrain which happens to be a 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged inline-6 engine. Based on all the specifications we have come to know from the BMW M4 Coupe, it is easy to deduce the performance of this vehicle. It is capable of delivering 473 horsepower combined with 406 pound feet of torque. The car’s competition grade is far more powerful as we already know which can go all the way up to 503 horsepower combined with 479 lb feet of torque.

For buyers who are really keen on impressive performance, they can opt for the competition grade edition. The car is also being sold with an all-wheel drive variant which will further improve its overall performance when compared with the rear wheel drive model from 2018. With the help of an axle and differential, the power generated can be split between the front and rear wheels. The differential will further split it between the rear wheels for a balanced driving experience.

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If you are looking for AWD edition, it is available only with the Competition grade edition. The powertrain is mated with an 8-speed automatic gearbox whereas the base edition of the 2021 BMW M4 is paired with a 6-speed manual edition. The pricing is said to be at $72,795 while the convertible edition will be more as this is confirmed pricing for the coupe edition.

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