2021 Honda HR-V Gets Upgraded with iOS and Android Connectivity

The latest edition in the series from the house of Honda has finally been revealed in Malaysia.

Buyers residing in the nation will be able to purchase the 2021 Honda HR-V which will come with a whole lot of new features but iOS and Android connectivity will be one of the primary upgrades to look forward to.

The newest model in the series is the HR-V Sport Hybrid i-DCD which will be equipped with a large 7-inch touchscreen display. The newest infotainment system in the car will support both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto while additional features include two other USB ports to allow users to use audio files from their own collection. The same can be achieved using Bluetooth on your smartphone but leaving a USB stick plugged in all the time ensures the vehicle is always equipped during long travel.

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In the higher-end variant, the improvements include LED fog lights, LED headlights and tail lights cluster with LED technology. The style quotient is much higher on these pair of lights which were usually found only in V and RS variants of the Honda HR-V. Instead of the existing color variant, known as the Orchid White Pearl, they have opted for a new Platinum White Pearl edition. For utmost comfort, the steering wheel is wrapped in leather and has a three-spoke design providing exceptional grip on your car.

For Malaysian buyers, the 2021 Honda HR-V edition will be delivered in four different variants. The lowest of the lot is the E-edition which costs RM104k while the highest of the variant RS costs RM118,582. For buyers who are willing to go that extra mile while contributing to the planet, the Hybrid i-DCD variant will also be provided but the pricing for the same is not known at this point in time.

Performance and Availability

Being one of the top-selling models in Malaysia, Honda without questions would definitely want to have their focus on the HR-V editions in 2021. Besides, they also enjoy a massive 73% market share in the country as one of the best compact SUVs offered to buyers and integrating some of the newest features is only expected to push sales even further for the automobile brand.

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In their official statement, the CEO of Honda Malaysia commented, “We are always listening to what customers have to say about the cars and the improvements they expected. In this case, Apple CarPlay was a really important feature for them and we decided to implement them in the newest model so that it is easier to drive while accessing multiple features on their phones.”

2021 Honda HR-V

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