2021 Kia Sportage SUV Gets More Aggressive, Checkout New Official Photos

With an entire year to go before the 2021 Kia Sportage SUV is made available in stores, it is more of a teaser and convinces you to postpone your next purchase.

The compact SUVs are all the large worldwide which is why nearly every other automobile brand wants to bring one to the competition.

With popular brands like Hyundai, Volkswagen and Honda sharing their SUVs in different countries, Kia is a newer but more powerful venture into the auto market. They have quickly swept off the competition from multiple vendors with their aggressive styling, minimal choice of cars and the new Sportage SUV should be yet another feather on their cap. The official photos are now available online that gives us plenty of information on what to expect from this new launch. Besides, it will be twelve more months before it is launched for the general public.

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In the competitive market, Kia is going to directly compete with Volkswagen Tiguan and Peugeot 3008. It belongs to the crossover family with the sharp front design but the best part is they are going all-in now because this particular model will also be available with electric hybrid variants. For buyers who are on the fence, the hybrids are a great start into the world of EVs even though they still have gasoline powertrains as their primary source of energy.

Kia is going strong

Kia has been enjoying a rather strong presence in Europe with their Ceed and Niro editions. The statistical numbers are not accurately available yet we do know that in 2019, they were among the hottest selling cars in the continent. Hyundai Tucson does show that it has inspired a lot when the 2021 Kia Sportage was built from the ground up which has also been used in terms of technology features as well as the safety assist systems available on board.

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There are nearly a dozen different photos now available online and we have brought in some of the best to help you get a quick overview of the car’s design. After all, Kia is going with the popular tiger-nose grille that continues to slide into the daytime running lights. It also sports a clamshell bonnet while the headlights are very aggressive as they should be because the time when less sporty looking cars sold better is long gone. When buyers resonate with strong design aesthetics as a performer, it obviously pushes every auto brand into the zone.

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