2021 Mercedes C Class Has Tons of Technology Updates, Covers 100Kms in Hybrid Range

The company has unveiled the 2021 Mercedes C Class which is on par with other modern cars of the day.

People have started expecting their car to be more like computers, which is what Mercedes offers, by making their car futuristic. It uses fingerprint scanning technology, sensor-based headlights to detect road position and easily connect with your home to understand if it is in a safe zone.

Having a plug-in hybrid power with such massive coverage makes all the difference because it can cover up to 100 kilometers on a single charge. While it certainly is not designed to replace the petrol engine, it still is a considerable one for a C Class sedan from a brand like Mercedes Benz. The new model is a huge refresh after a hiatus that spanned over seven whole years but we could easily claim that the company has done an excellent job in making this as futuristic as possible.

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The pricing varies based on the trimline buyers would pick as it starts at $65,000 which may sound far more affordable while it goes all the way up to $110,000 for higher-end models. The car will be on par with a Tesla model because it is equipped with a Smart Home function to control equipment in your home once there. Similarly, the company will continue to release lots of over-the-air updates to keep the operating system updated in the car. Users can easily change the temperature, lights and electrical appliances using the touchscreen display in the car.

Introducing New Partnerships

The 2021 Mercedes C Class is going to be far more advanced than any car in the line-up as it makes use of Apple Siri’s commands directly. The brand has also partnered with Samsung Smart Home Devices as well as Bosch to complete the ecosystem. It makes it all the more enticing to be able to cover everything with the comfort of your car. The digital headlight technology is completely optional but when equipped it will provide warning signs if you are driving on the wrong side of the road.

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An air balance package is available as an additional purchase which will keep the fragrance levels in the car intact all the time. It keeps refreshing the air from outside while maintaining a pleasant smell on the inside. The dashboard is equipped with a 10.25-inch display which can also be upgraded if needed and the entire infotainment system can be accessed with the help of your fingerprint to make things snappy.

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