2021 Rolls Royce Ghost Extended Introduces a New Level of Luxury

Building a Rolls Royce or buying one is actually the next to the impossible task that the company has been pulling off for decades now.

While it is not one among the mainstream cars available, it still continues to be a status symbol. Rather than resting on their laurels, the company has decided to go the extra mile and redefine the concept of luxury in the rear seat with some insanely good additions to it.

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In the latest set of new marketing materials, the automobile brand has officially revealed the exquisite look of the 2021 Ghost. According to the company, this one is the surprising entry-level variant that they could offer buyers at an affordable budget. However, it is definitely not going to fit in your pocket unless you are uber-rich. The overall design language used in the vehicle is less sharp and much more seamless than in the previous edition. The designers have also gone for a cleaner finish on the rear seats, making it much more comfortable and luxurious than it ever was.

Constructing on a New Platform

Every new model gets a huge update on the platform. The luxury sedan of this generation is being built on an aluminum spaceframe chassis. It helps significantly improve the legroom available for rear-seat passengers. The change in the platform has also contributed to a massive difference in the wheelbase because the new car has an increased base by six inches while the length is increased by seven inches. The improved luxury features found in the new Ghost Rolls Royce sedan have obviously added to the weight of the car but they have managed to split it across the car that it doesn’t affect performance. The overall weight increase is about 102 pounds.

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The acceleration and top speed capabilities of the car continue to be on par with the luxurious brand’s many other options. It can easily go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 4.8 seconds. For a car that doesn’t compromise on luxury, having such a powerful powertrain on the inside further adds up to the value it provides. The maximum top speed is pegged at 155 miles per hour which is more than enough for long drives and to simply experience comfort even when you are on the road for extended periods of time. The vehicle is aimed at people who like longer models and prefer to drive in specific roads where such a car could be driven comfortably.

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