2021 Toyota Camry Stylized Upgrades and Gets Tweaked on the Inside

A quick glance at the 2021 Toyota Camry and many buyers would be inclined to check it out to know more.

The design aesthetics have been completely revamped which would grab the attention of anyone looking for a hybrid vehicle that doesn’t compromise on the luxury quotient. Besides, the Camry lineup has been around for some time now and is available only as a hybrid which is now getting a huge facelift.

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Within just two years since the last model found its way to stores, the 2021 edition of the Camry has received significant tweaks on the inside. The newest edition is confirmed to go on sale in early spring next year but pricing and other information are not confirmed at this point in time. In terms of design, the car is more of a Corolla but the subtle changes that make it easier to identify as the hybrid continues to be retained. The reveal has been done in the UK and a similar set of changes are scheduled to be done in the car in the US, Europe and other regions as well.

On the interior choice of modifications, the is now equipped with luxurious black leather upholstery. They have also used traces of wood materials combined with titanium, making it the most luxurious and visually stunning interior in a hybrid vehicle. While many other automobile manufacturers focus on increasing mile range and delivering more horsepower, a car that is dedicated to its design and comfort would definitely find a definitive set of audiences willing to give it a try.

Increasing Pricing along with Design Improvements

With a series of changes being made to the interior and the exterior, obviously, a price increase was expected. However, it is not too high and will not alienate existing customers as it will be slightly more than the current model. The pricing will vary based on the trimline that you choose as it is being made available in Design and Excel trims with prices starting approximately at 32,000 GBP. Based on the additional accessories that the buyer opts for when purchasing the 2021 Toyota Camry hybrid car.

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The touchscreen infotainment system is larger with a 9-inch display. The alloy wheels now used in the car are now available in 17 and 18-inch size variants. The bumper and grille have been modified to resemble the Corolla. The infotainment system is now equipped with the latest software version that is far more responsive besides being easy to control, both using touch and using manual buttons available in the dashboard.

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