2021 Toyota C+Pod is a Compact, City Driving EV Solution

While the majority of electric car manufacturers are busy trying to compete with Lamborghinis, Toyota has come up with an extremely practical solution.

Convincing people to purchase EVs for their long travels while gas stations are still the fueling option could be hard. Instead, the 2021 Toyota C+pod is a city driving solution that is made of plastic and is primarily meant for those who often drive in congested situations.

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The major cities of the world like New York, Hong Kong or Tokyo are often filled with traffic up to the brim. Moving in your gasoline-powered car leads to a lot more fuel usage and hurts the planet with its emission. Besides, creating an excellent electric car that could travel hundreds of miles on a single charge is still years away. People adopting it and making it affordable for the masses is no easy task which is why this one seems to be a more possible answer.

Concept Car Aimed at Legal Bodies

According to Toyota, its target audiences are government people and private companies. This car can be used on the side of the roads or within a huge working campus similar to the one Google has. People can easily move from one point to another. The super-compact BEV concept car is packed with a 9.2kW motor capable of delivering just 12.3 horsepower. It makes it completely safe to be used in literally any environment including office spaces. The car can also be driven around on the pavement if needed without affecting people’s movement.

In terms of performance, it also includes 41 lb-feet of torque and the top speed is at 37 mph or 60 kilometers per hour. It is fast enough to be driven anywhere and safe for indoor or use within a particular premise. Besides, this also encourages a lot of people to park their conventional cars in the parking space and make use of these alternatives in their zone.

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The total coverage is at 93 miles in a single charge which is more than enough for a whole day of use and it can be fully charged in 5 hours. The overall weight of the 2021 Toyota C+Pod is very less allowing it to generate maximum power combined with improved battery life. The plastic car is available in Cyan and Orange colors as well as other variants with a metallic finish. The total weight of the car is 1,477 lbs or 670 kgs making it sturdy enough for the commute. It is priced at $16,554 for the top of the line variant and was launched on the 25th of December in Japan.

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