2021 Updates Roll Out for Bentley Bentayga Hybrid Luxury PHEV SUV

Embarking on an electric journey, the 2021 updates rolled out for the Bentley Bentayga makes it quite interesting.

The car has received yet again the plug-in hybrid option along with a new look and modified build making it an exciting new car to look forward to buy.

According to their official statement, the Bentayga Hybrid is expected to be the top selling variant in their luxury SUV segment. Besides, anyone who wishes to join the electric bandwagon but have a strong foot on the conventional petrol engine, things couldn’t get better than this. There are two different products being offered in Crewe in 2021 and both of them happens to be plug-in hybrid variants.

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To keep things simple, the brand choose to launch the conventional version of the car first before taking an entire year to talk about the hybrid variant. It makes it easier for most buyers to plan their budget and also choose whether they are interested in going the hybrid route this time. The series of updates include better technologies on the inside, luxury interior and styling for the car.

Improved Design and Features

By the year 2026, it is strongly believed that Bentley will be out with a series of electric cars and plug-in hybrid models. With multiple cars in the PHEV segment, there will be little room for the normal cars to exist and that is the plan that most automobile manufacturers plan to follow. In terms of design, the hybrid variant will have a larger grille setup combined with LED Matrix headlights and wider wings for a more aggressive look.

The infotainment system is as packed as it could be because of the large 10.9-inch display with a higher resolution. It should significantly increase the sharpness of the text while it also supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto making it easier to connect your smartphones.

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The latest version further supports SIM card by default for connectivity and has USB-C ports, wireless charging which makes any trip a breezy experience. Under the hood, the car is powered by a 3.0-liter turbocharged petrol deliver 443bhp while the electric motor delivers 126bhp. Equipped with a 17.6 kilowatt lithium battery, the car’s  electric motor can be used for up to 31 miles. Like many other hybrid editions this is purely for the PHEV concept but cannot be used in the long run for longer journeys. The 2021 Bentley Bentayga Hybrid is expected to be priced at 130,500 GBP.

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