2021 Volkswagen Golf GTD Diesel UK Pricing Revealed, Delivers 197 HP

With changing times, the automobile industry is moving towards a gear-less future which has also been getting rid of diesel engines.

For the few who still love to own one, the 2021 Volkswagen Golf GTD is an ideal option because its GTD diesel edition is coming to the United Kingdom and the official pricing has been confirmed.

There are some advantages to having a diesel engine over a gasoline powered engine. While it may not be favored by the majority of the crowd, it still stands out in its own respect. Volkswagen strongly believes in this claim which is why they are delivering the best possible power combined with a series of features, to make the new Golf Diesel edition stand out from the competition. The car is capable of delivering a solid 197 horsepower combined with 295 lb-feet of torque.

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The other statistics of the vehicle continues to impress as it can easily go from 0 to 62 miles per hour in just 7.1 seconds. While the numbers are not going to be compared with any sports edition vehicles like a McLaren or a Mercedes, it is great for a commuter’s vehicle. The powertrain is mated with a seven-speed DSG gearbox which ensures the entire ride is smooth and easy while being powerful whenever there is a requirement for a boost.

Pricing for the Base Model Revealed

The 2021 Volkswagen Golf GTD Diesel edition has been revealed in the United Kingdom. We presume that the pricing will be similar in the global market with minor changes based on local taxes. The pricing of the base model is pegged at approximately $43,000 which provides everything you need including an illuminated front grille combined with sports bumpers and LED front fog lights. This particular model from Volkswagen also has LED matrix headlights with 18-inch Bakersfield alloy wheels.

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Buyers will be able to experience three-zone climate control with keyless entry and foldable door mirrors. The sports seat use Jacara cloth and the steering wheel is wrapped in leather for maximum comfort. Golf has always been a favorite among buyers for its pricing and ease of use. The new Volkswagen Golf is expected to be available not only in petrol and hybrid models but a diesel variant as well I the UK for those who like to go for it. The Golf GTE plug-in hybrid edition is for people who like to step into the hybrid territory but not give up on their powertrain’s familiar performance.

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