2022 Audi A8 is a Maybach Rival, Mid-Life Facelift Features Listed

The camouflaged prototype edition of the 2022 Audi A8 will replace the existing 2019 model next year and duly with enough new features.

Preparing a mid-life facelift for any vehicle is a difficult job because it may not be completely next gen but should be good enough for the pricing changes. The 2022 Audi A8 is expected to give the right touches if we are to go by the spy shots revealed by the company.

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While it is being rumored that the newest version of the A8 could be revealed towards late 2021, it will most probably get launched next year in order to give enough time for the tweaks to be made. Compared to the many other models from the Audi stable, this particular variant doesn’t top the charts and it is not going to suddenly be extremely popular. However, if it is priced right with all new interior, slightly improved engine and design, it could probably attract some new buyers when it officially gets launched.

Based on the camouflaged prototype available in the spy shots, the manufacturer is going for a renewed headlight design combined with new taillights. We could make out these basic things from the spy shots but everything else is mostly based on guessing done through rumors, their statement and what longtime auto brand followers have to say about.

Updated Interiors

It is a given that the 2022 edition of Audi A8 will be a direct rival of the Maybach series and when they do so, an obvious upgrade lies in the interior of the car. The vehicle is expected to feature a completely revamped infotainment system which plays well with both iOS and Android devices. Based on the information available, it is rumored that the dashboard may probably feature a curved display that is as large as a tablet and allows users to do more than just use it for mapping their drive.

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Under the hood, the car may feature a V6, V8 or even a V-12 engine on the high-end variant. Having a V-6 engine with plug-in hybrid technology should make the car more future proof. On paper, the current V8 model can deliver about 563 horsepower with its 4.0-liter turbocharged engine. Audi in 2019 also hinted that they might probably bring in a luxury variant of the A8 to cater to the elite crowd and by doing so, they will also be competing directly against the Ghost from Rolls Royce while Maybach S-Class will also be a direct competitor for the same.

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