2022 Hyundai Terracan is a Rugged Car for Off-Road Driving

A quick glance at the 2022 Hyundai Terracan will immediately let buyers know that this is not the vehicle you drive around in your morning commute.

The design is focused on users who are looking forward to going on their next trekking trip and enjoy living in the wild. It will also provide all the features one would need to stay in touch with the modern world.

Hyundai has been expanding its line-up in all directions in the past few years. They have already confirmed that a much larger SUV is in the works. This particular model has been named the Palisade which features a unibody construction.

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Despite being such a large car, this model doesn’t feature off-road tires and makes it difficult to take it out in the open. However, the newly revealed design of the Terracan confirms that they have something entirely new for the off-roading community. The vehicle uses a ladder-frame design which is slightly similar to the Chevrolet Tahoe and Toyota Land Cruiser. The design has been rendered by Enoch Gabriel Gonzales. It is not clear whether they have started working on a prototype or would rather skip this idea for now.

From every perspective, this new compact SUV looks perfect for most people especially if you are really tired of the bustling activity in the city. The impressive ride height will make it a comfortable ride during long drives and will combine additional features including a split grille with skid plate. Making it even more rugged is the addition of a tow hook and the large air intake which allows it to come out of any demanding road conditions in the rain or the forest.

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No Confirmation So Far

Talking about this prototype design done by the design, a Hyundai executive admitted that adding such an SUV to their line-up would definitely prove fruitful. After they have already covered every segment, getting into the off-road zone will help them get more sales and compete with Toyota and Land Rover. These two brands continue to be a major player in the segment and have no direct competition from the likes of Ford, Honda or any other similar automobile brands.

Hyundai has to work on a completely new design from the scratch and it will be introduced only if the executives from the top management green lights this project. It is to be seen if the 2022 Hyundai Terracan becomes a reality.

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