2022 Hyundai Tucson Press Photos, You Wouldn’t Want to Miss This One

2020 has been a great year for Hyundai as the company sold lots of their newly launched Venue car.

The 2020 Hyundai Tucson is yet another model to join the line-up as it is a C-segment crossover vehicle and a much better Tucson than the existing model. For the buyer’s convenience, it will be offered in two different variants and is expected to be fully revealed by next year.

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Before we knew it, this year is coming to an end which is why all automobile manufacturers are ready to launch their next-generation models in 2021. Some of the official shots handed over to the press look simply gorgeous and they have been listed below in the gallery. If you were really waiting to get your hands on this large crossover, the new generation model makes more sense. It is designed to impress with a wide array of lights, a large headlight setup combined with parking lights that illuminate the entire area.

Dynamic Design and Revamped Interiors

The 2022 Hyundai Tucson promises a dynamic redesign. The actual vehicle is still under wraps but based on the images released to the press, we can definitely make out most of the design changes. When in a parked condition, the headlights look almost non-existent because of the seamless design and the placement of the grille. According to the company, they have implemented parametric hidden lights and parametric dynamics. They light up quickly and impressively like a billboard which you can spot in one of the images posted here.

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The taillights include a full LED strip while the roofline has sharp yet elegant curves adding to the overall design. The cabin as found in the rendered images assures a clear twin-cockpit design which looks definitely futuristic but we should soon see it in person to confirm the same. The infotainment system if we are to guess should be large with a 10-inch display while the controls are all mounted at arms reach for the convenience of both passenger and the driver.

While the photographs of the new Tucson showcase both the exterior design, the focus seems to be more on the interior comfort features and the lighting system. The vehicle is expected to significantly bring in an upgrade for the dashboard that would help make life easier for the driver and passengers onboard. An official launched of the 2022 Tucson reveal is expected to be on the 14th of September and it should hit stores worldwide in the following months or possibly next year.

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