2022 Kia CV Electric Crossover SUV Spotted in Complete Camouflage

The 2022 Kia CV Electric crossover is yet another electric car that is being designed on a completely new EV platform.

The rendering looks quite futuristic and appealing for a wide range of audiences. For the time being, the model is being identified with the codename CV and it could possibly change when Kia officially launches it in Europe.

A camouflaged version of the car was spotted on the road and it is quite difficult to make out the design as well as other aspects with so many layers on top. However, it has already been confirmed and based on the spy shots, we can deduce that this is going to be a compact crossover SUV. The particular model from Kia will directly come with the Tesla Model 3 even though it is more of a sedan and goes against the Jaguar I-Pace.

Developing an electric car and a brand new platform is no easy task which is why the automobile brand has tied up with others like Hyundai and Genesis. By sharing their knowledge in the automobile industry, the companies are gearing up to launch newer EVs including Ioniq 5, 45 concept car and there is an eGV60 which is also under development now. From Kia’s perspective, the company is planning to offer the best of everything in the same car.

A Crossover Variant with Unique Practicality

As already confirmed by Kia, they are working on the new 2022 Kia CV electric crossover SUV. The model is being designed to be a merge between a sedan and an SUV. The manufacturing team even considers it to be a sporty coupe but until we get to see it without camouflage, we may not be able to comment on its design aspects.

The team is working on making the final changes to make the EV platform work wonders when it reaches customers. The Kia CV is expected to be announced in 2021 which is just a couple of months to go. However, it will take more time before the car is available in stores in the worldwide market. Kia has plans to launch at least 11 different electric cars before 2025 and they have promised to deliver about 200 miles range on a single charge on many of their upcoming models. Besides, fast charging will also be a requirement and it shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes for the battery to be charged from zero to a hundred.

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