2022 Mercedes Benz EQC Spy Photos Sparks Interesting New Questions

Every time we spot a brand new car on the road wrapped in camouflage, it is difficult to not only guess the model but also find out if it is an entirely new car.

The 2022 Mercedes Benz EQC which is still in its early stages of development was spotted and it has easily sparked some interesting questions among auto lovers.

The big question is whether this is an entirely new EQ model that Mercedes engineers are working on or is it the next generation EQC that fans have been eagerly waiting to adopt? The current variant available in stores was launched in 2018 and when everyone expected a new variant to be made available years later, the automobile brand has surprised everyone by bringing it out much earlier.

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Identifying the New Mercedes EQC

While the entire car is fully camouflaged to the brim, it is not surprising to guess its origins because some of the distinct elements have been preserved well. The stark identification can be made when you look at the lower bonnet but the designers have gone for an entirely unique roofline this time around. The overall character of the car has been modified so as to suit the 2022 year tag because it is supposed to compete with a slew of other models including some electric cars of the future.

The overall curvature and size of the vehicle have been meticulously preserved because when buyers opt for an EQC variant, they obviously expect some of the original design elements to be preserved. The current model as expected is in a five-year cycle but it is rather surprising that Mercedes has already been driving the 2022 edition around, even before the current model could be discontinued.

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The new car will be built on the MRA platform but with some minor tweaks, they have managed to use it as an electrified platform. The 2022 Mercedes Benz EQC has plenty of room for the future where multiple trim lines could be added, probably an extended battery for more mile range or better luxurious add-ons to justify the increased price tag on the top of the line trim models offered by the brand.

The model doesn’t have front end storage but does sport an exciting and clean look that should be appealing to most buyers. It is also said that another variant will be mounted on the EVA II platform and this is yet another car to join Mercedes’ ambition to bring in at least 10 vehicles that are all-electric by 2022.

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