2022 Mercedes EQS Front Design Showcased in New Rendered Poster

A series of great teasers are being released from time to time which has given us a good look on what to expect from the 2022 Mercedes EQS.

The company has moved from the traditional reveals to a more series of teasers and this is yet another image that should give you a good view of how the front fascia of the car would look like.

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The prototype of the car being built was revealed earlier but it was still in the factory zone. However, this new poster has been designed for customers and should give a fair idea of what to expect from the vehicle. The new Mercedes car is definitely one among the many luxury cars they have planned for the next five years. Besides, similar to other major automobile manufacturers, the company is planning to make electric cars the norm for which they should come up with a new platform that is versatile enough for different models.

In the front design of this new EQS, it is difficult to talk more about it because of the angle they have finalized to showcase its fascia. However, it does look perfectly sharp and really aggressive which is not generally found in all Mercedes models but only in select ones. The headlights are designed in such a way that they directly meet one another in the middle through the LED light that runs along the entire bonnet area.

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By connecting the lights, it has also been designed in such a way that anyone who takes a quick look would assume it has lights running throughout the front design. There are some stark changes to expect when the new Mercedes EQS gets launched because it gets rid of the combustion engine. The removal of the conventional engine allows designers to come up with quirky new design aesthetics that may become the norm in future vehicles from multiple brands.

Reviving the Design Aesthetics

The 2022 Mercedes EQS uses side mirrors so as to retain the conventional feel that people still enjoy in their cars rather than cameras. The additional air intakes are added so as to keep the interior and the seats cool at all times, even if it becomes hot during a sunny day. The car has an optional air filtering system according to Mercedes’ press release. The idea is to provide the best air quality in the interior for a comfortable and safe ride. The car is expected to deliver 435 miles of range on a single charge, making it a great EV to consider.

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