2023 BMW i7 Next Gen 7-Series EV Car Spotted, Camouflaged All the Way

BMW is working on their own variant of electric cars and the 2023 BMW i7 7-Series model could probably one among many vehicles slated for launch.

While we are yet to receive any major updates from the brand, it is safe to say that they are already testing the vehicle in road conditions.

Albeit being heavily camouflaged, it is great to see the car being tested on road and possibly gearing up for a grand launch. The version spotted with the stickers is an electric variant powered by a large battery on the inside. While making all-electric cars could possibly take time for automobile manufacturers to achieve to its full potential, hybrids are definitely on the cards. The 7-series lineup will retain some of the design elements found in BMW cars in the past including a sealed-off grille. Being an electric car, it has also been named the i7 to showcase its significance in this entirely new line-up that is under development.

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There are a couple of prototypes spotted in the wild in which some of them are being equipped with an internal combustion engine. It is unclear whether the company is going for an electric variant and a traditional gasoline-powered car at the same time. The camouflage is rather strong to ensure the Hofmeister Kink C-Pillar is completely hidden but when we take a close look at the pictures, we could make out the design element they are trying to achieve here.

Latest Spy Shots Show More Detail

The true shape of the grille which BMW managed to keep hidden for a long time has been revealed this time. It has a shark nose like finish and also borrows some elements from the G11 7-Series edition. The car will be built on the CLAR platform which will allow them enough space to mount an electric motor and a conventional engine at the same spot, making it the best of both worlds. In this particular model, it is being said that the company will use their 5th gen battery and EV technology.

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Based on the information available now, the 2023 BMW i7 Next Gen 7-series will be equipped with both a mild hybrid and plug-in hybrid setup. It is to be seen if they would include a V8 or the more powerful V12 engine on the inside so as to provide buyers an option to experience maximum performance when they need it.

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