2023 Mercedes Benz EQ SUV will Mark its Entry into Fully EV Cars Lineup

Bringing an electric SUV into the mainstream automobile market has been a challenge even for Tesla.

Every other auto brand including the big wigs like Ford, Mercedes and BMW has been pushing it towards the next five years to make all their cars electric. The 2023 Mercedes Benz EQ SUV is one such addition that will mark the company’s entry into fully electric, large cars that could accommodate the entire family.

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In the past few years, all major brands confirmed that they are still working on fully electric cars. The research is taking them many years as expected but this particular crossover SUV from Mercedes Benz will be out much earlier than we might have assumed. The company says that they will be bringing it to the stores in 2022 which is just two years to go but it will still be considered a 2023 model. The car was spotted on the road as it was completely camouflaged and it is still a prototype. Besides, the final version cannot be confirmed so early in its lifecycle and it would take another year or so before the SUV goes into production.

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Apart from the EQS sedan, the other EQE variants were also spotted on road. It is evident that Mercedes doesn’t want to miss the opportunity and jump deep into the competitive world of fully electric cars. After all, all major brands are going to compete in this segment without any brand advantage of uniqueness as it is a completely new platform for everyone at the same time. It is being speculated that the new car built on the Electric Vehicle Architecture from Mercedes will have a potential driving range of up to 400 miles, making it extremely powerful and reliable for long travel.

Mid-Sized and Large SUVs

The 2023 Mercedes Benz EQ SUV is more of a lineup of multiple large SUVs rather than just one car. Instead of waiting for different models to be revealed at regular intervals, Mercedes is planning to bring in both mid-sized cars and large ones at the same time. They will vary in pricing but the underlying electric architecture will remain the same. It will provide buyers more variants to choose from but will get them all onboard within the concept of electric cars.

The brand has further planned for compact electric cars which are known as the MMA and will be revealed in 2025.

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