2023 Toyota Mirai Arrives with Hands-Free Driving

Toyota has just recently its luxury 2023 Toyota Mirai with very minor updates.

The hydrogen-powered car with hands-free driving has no exterior updates. The car will retain the same sleek bulging main lights with an additional set of LED lights on the bumper as in the previous generation. The wide chrome wing on the car enhances its luxury look.

2023 Toyota Mirai Exteriors and Interiors

The Toyota Mirai has an elegant and sporty side profile with a coupe-esque style roof. The front fenders flare outwards while the rear of the car portrays a prominent curvature. The windscreen at the back has a steeply-raked design that leads to a ducktail spoiler.

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On the inside, the Toyota car houses a new infotainment system with several convenience and connectivity features. The top-end model also incorporates advanced driver assistance systems collectively known as the Toyota Teammate. The base and top-end 2023 Toyota Mirai models are equipped with the same 12.3-inch central touchscreen and eight-inch digital instrument cluster found in the first-generation car.

The software of the car has undergone an update and the new Toyota Audio Multimedia software features over-the-air updates. Its Advanced Park and Advanced Drive functions make use of LiDar, radar and cameras to operate effectively.

2023 Toyota Mirai Exterior

The Advanced Park function is optimized for perpendicular as well as parallel parking along with backing into its parking spot and helps the driver to park on its own without human interference along with changing gears, braking, steering and accelerating on its own. On the other hand, the Advanced Drive function is meant for limited-access highways and supports hands-free driving only under certain conditions.

Toyota Mirai Engine Details

The Toyota Mirai comes with an AC synchronous rear-mount motor with 300 lb-ft torque and 182 HP power. The car is equipped with an RWD drivetrain layout and reaches a speed of 0mph to 60mph in just 9.2 seconds. The Toyota automobile also has a 1.24kWh battery capacity and three hydrogen tanks with a fuel capacity of 5.6kg. These tanks have a refueling time of five minutes at 87.5 MPa.

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Is the Toyota Mirai available for sale all over the United States?

The Toyota Mirai is at present available only in California, especially San Francisco and Los Angeles. This is because of its hydrogen-electric powertrain and insufficient hydrogen fuel pumps in the remaining part of the country. However, there is scope for the Mirai being made available in other parts of the United States when the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal results in an expansion of the hydrogen infrastructure.

2023 Toyota Mirai Rear

What is the price of the Toyota Mirai?

The 2023 Toyota Mirai has a price tag of $49,500 for the base XLE model while the top-end Limited trim variant comes with a price of $66,000. These are the prices without taking the $1,025 destination charges into consideration. If the Limited model makes use of the Toyota Teammate advanced driver assistance technology, the price perks up by $5,170. Both models are sold with $15,000 worth of complimentary hydrogen.

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