2024 BMW M3 and M4 to Get a Facelift and Deliver 518 HP

The luxury carmaker BMW is working on giving its popular 2024 BMW M3 and M4 models a slight facelift as part of the mid-cycle LCI update along with a power delivery of 518 HP.

This output is slightly lower than the earlier mentioned 525 HP output that was speculated from the cars.

2024 BMW M3 and M4 Exteriors and Interiors

The upcoming M3 and M4 models will undergo some noticeable changes to their design. While it was initially perceived that the updates would be just minor with no significant facelift, it is not likely to be so. As these M models are slated to remain in the market for a considerably long time, it is possible that the manufacturer has decided to give them a refreshed look at par with the current trends.

As seen in some recent spy shots, the cars are likely to have unique inner graphics and sleek headlights that the manufacturer currently offers on its X1 and is doing so on the new G60 5 series. The taillights are also expected to portray a design change with revised inner graphics. The large curved display inside will continue to be the same but will rely on iDrive 8.5 for its functioning.

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The possibility of BMW offering an enhanced color palette along with new leather and trim options in the 2024 BMW M3 and M4 cars cannot be completely ruled out.  The manufacturer will also provide bucket seats as an option.

BMW M3 and M4 Engine Specifications

This proposed 518 HP output is slated to be rendered by the Competition variants of the M3 and M4. These are typically the G80M3 as well as the G82M4 models from the manufacturer.

There is no clear information at the moment whether the rear-wheel drive M2 and M3 counterparts will receive a power increase but the possibility seems far-fetched owing to the limitations set forward by the six-speed manual transmission. Moreover, there were talks doing the rounds earlier that the new M3 and M4 models would arrive as plug-in hybrid models. However, as the production time has been extended, it is possible that the manufacturer will offer them as all-electric vehicles.

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What is the price of the BMW M3 and M4?

The BMW M3mode; is expected to come with a starting price of $119,695. On the other hand, the base BMW M4 model has a much higher price of $77,995. The prices increase considerably for the higher-end models.

When will the 2024 BMW M3 and M4 be released?

Select 2024 BMW M3 and M4 models will be released after Summer 2024 when the manufacturer is expected to commence their production. These models are the G83M3 Sedan, G83M4 Convertible and G82M4 Coupe and are expected to be available for delivery in the months following their production. It is also expected that BMW will not phase out its M3 and M4 models until 2027-2028.

Image Credits: BMWBLOG

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