2024 KIA EV9 Range Can Vary Between 230 and 304 Miles Based on Trim

South Korean automaker KIA has finally information about the range of its upcoming 2024 KIA EV9.

As expected the range of the three-row SUV depends on the trim that is opted and will be anywhere between 230 miles and 304 miles.

2024 KIA EV9 Interiors

The interiors of the KIA EV9 render a soft feel compared to its beveled exteriors. The horizontal dash will stretch from one door to the other. There are two 12.3-inch screens for the infotainment screen and infotainment panel as well as a smaller 5.0-inch touchscreen for secondary climatic controls. All three screens are aligned such that it appears as if the car has a single extra-wide display.

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The cabin will be designed using sustainable materials and most surfaces appear to have a grained-leather texture. The seats will incorporate a powered leg rest, a recline feature, a small hook-like structure for hanging anything you want and mesh headrests. The floating console in the middle will have a roll-top cover, a huge armrest bin and a wireless charger in the center. There will also be a deep tray to hold big objects.

KIA EV9 Powertrain Specifications

The 2024 KIA EV9 will be available in five trim options – Light, Light Long Range, Wind, Land and GT-Line with different ranges based on their batteries and other features.

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The base model featuring the Light trim will be a rear-wheel drive model and house a small 76.1kWh battery pack. This model is equipped with a single motor and delivers 215 HP output power plus a range of 230 miles. On the other hand, the rear-wheel drive Light Long Range model houses a much bigger 99.8-kWh battery pack and just one motor that delivers 201 HP output power and 258 ln-ft torque. This model delivers a range of 304 miles which is the highest among all the trims.

The other models with the Wind, Land and GT-Line trims are all-wheel drive models with a dual electric motor setup. This setup renders 379 HP output power and 443 lb-ft torque with 280 miles range in the Land and Wind trim models. The output power is the same in the GT-Line trim model but the torque is higher at 516 lb-ft and the range is slightly lesser at 270 miles. This high torque can be achieved in the Land and Wind trim models as an option.

The KIA EV9 will have an 800-volt battery pack that can be charged using 350kW capable DC chargers. The maximum charging rate will be 236kW. With AC chargers, the battery will be capable of charging at up to 11kW.

What is the release date of the KIA EV9?

The KIA EV9 is slated to mark its arrival at US dealerships by the end of this year as mentioned even in earlier reports. The manufacturer will start taking reservations for the SUV in a few days from now.

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What is the price of the KIA EV9?

The Light trim model will be the least pricey and come at a cost of $56,395. The GT-Line trim model will have the highest price of $75,395. The Light Long Range, Wind and Land trim variants will be priced at $65,395; $71,395 and $75,395 respectively.

What is the size of the 2024 KIA EV9?

All trims of the KIA EV9 will have a length of 197.2 inches and a width of 77.9 inches. The SUV will have a height of 68.9 inches without roof rails for all trims other than the GT-Line. The GT-Line will have a height of 69.1 inches with roof rails.

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