2024 Mazda CX-90 Launched with Two Engine Options

The car manufacturer Mazda has recently launched its 2024 Mazda CX-90 luxury SUV that will be released in spring 2023.

This SUV is a three-row SUV and the biggest SUV from the manufacturer to date. The car features a plug-in hybrid powertrain option as well as a 3.3-liter 340HP inline-six engine. It also has more luxury features than the earlier SUV models from the manufacturer to date.

2024 Mazda CX-90 Engine Options

The Mazda CX-90 has two engine options. Both the engines are electrified and represent a hybrid model. Customers can choose either a plug-in hybrid model or a mild-hybrid model. The two models have a standard all-wheel-drive system with an RWD platform.

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The plug-in hybrid model comes with an inline-4 2.5-liter engine with an electric motor and is supported by an 8-speed automatic transmission. The electric motor functions as a replacement for the torque converter of the auto transmission. The motor draws its power from a lithium-ion battery pack with a 17.8-kWh capacity. The total output of the system is 369lb-ft of torque and 323HP.

2024 mazda cx-90

The mild-hybrid model of the CX-90 has a smaller 48-volt battery pack and an electric motor that is not as powerful as that of the plug-in hybrid model. This model houses a 3.3-liter turbocharged inline-6 engine that is used for the first time in this SUV by the manufacturer. It will have the same automatic transmission that you can find in the plug-in hybrid model. The total system output is 369lb-ft of torque and 340HP.

According to the manufacturer, the plug-in hybrid has enough electric range to support everyday driving. On the other hand, the mild-hybrid powertrain supports operation with electric-only power. The 2024 Mazda CX-90 gas engine is a good choice for taking the car on a long drive and when you need to accelerate.

Mazda CX-90 Exteriors and Interiors

The CX-90 has a longer and wider appearance than the CX-9 it replaces, which gives it a large size. The car comes with more upscale positioning along with 21-inch wheels and a long wheelbase. It has a short overhang lead, a blunt nose, and an emblem featuring the powertrain under its hood. The cabin of the SUV is positioned at the back.

Mazda 2024 CX 90

The Mazda CX-90 deploys traditional Japanese aesthetics in designing its interiors. The trim of the dashboard features oatmeal-colored tone-on-tone fabric on it with threads exposed between the fabric pieces. The SUV also has a stylish cabin design, a large infotainment display, and a digital instrumentation setup. Additionally, the car incorporates a triple-zone automatic climate control system. The vehicle uses new materials for its interiors, enhanced lighting, USB charging ports, and new air conditioning vents. The lithium-ion battery pack is housed under the second and third rows.

2024 Mazda CX-90 Safety Features

Mazda has claimed that the CX-90 incorporates a slew of safety-related features. The i-ActiveSense collection of safety features include forward-collision warning, adaptive cruise control, blind-spot warning, and automatic emergency braking along with advanced driver assistance systems.

Seating in the Mazda CX-90

The SUV supports seating in three rows to accommodate up to eight passengers. The driver’s seat is comfortable although the side bolsters are quite stiff. The second row is available in two options of a bench seat or two captain’s chairs are available for the middle row with a huge storage console between them. There is ample legroom in the second row. The third row can seat two passengers in some models while some other models accommodate three passengers. The second and third-row seats depict stadium-style seating.

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There is not much cargo space in the CX-90 with the third row of seating. However, when the second and third rows are folded, the car has sufficient space for cargo.

What are the Mazda CX-90 color options?

It is still not clear what color options the manufacturer has in store for its SUV. However, one option for the exterior of the car in the North American market is Artisan Red. This red color is darker than the signature Soul Red color from Mazda and will feature black tones. This color generates surface deflections that make its smooth contours stand out.

What is the price of the 2024 Mazda CX-90?

The Mazda CX-90 is estimated to have a starting price of $42,000. The price will go up based on the additional upgrades opted for by the customer.

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