2024 Mini Cooper Electric Interiors and Soundtracks Revealed

German automaker BMW is working towards marking the official debut of its upcoming electric 2024 Mini Cooper.

Images available ahead of this reveal highlighted the car in a shiny blue color and with a simple retro-futuristic cabin like in the original 1959 car.

2024 Mini Cooper Electric Interiors

The upcoming electric hatchback will have an expansive touchscreen in the center that is designed based on the standard speedometer in the center. This screen will house a completely revamped interface with new motifs and graphics and will not be paired with a digital gauge cluster as seen in many other cars these days. There will also be a second head-up design with a simpler design to highlight critical information like directions and speed.

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The car will incorporate distinctive LED lighting patterns integrated into its dashboard and a panel of toggle switches for climate control functions. It will also sport a lever behind the steering wheel to support the drive selection. There will be several new soundtracks and jingles including forest sounds and engine notes for an immersive driving experience along with four experience modes comprising Core, Balance, Timeless and Go-kart.

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Mini Cooper Electric Battery Specifications

The electric 2024 Mini Cooper will be fitted with a 40kW battery that helps it deliver a range of 240 miles while the Cooper SE produced at a later date will make use of a 54kWh battery pack and deliver a slightly higher range of nearly 300 miles. The charging details of the battery is yet to be revealed by the manufacturer.

The new hatchback will be a front-wheel drive and at par with the manufacturer’s present electric car’s 181bhp that helps it sprint from 0mph to 60mph in about 7.2 seconds. The Copper SE is expected to incorporate a 215bhp motor.

What is the size of the Mini Cooper?

The exact size of the upcoming Mini Cooper is not known at the moment. However, the last 2020 model of the Mini Cooper SE has a length of 151.4 inches, width of 68 inches and height of 56.4 inches. It can be expected that the new SE model will also have at least the same size.

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What is the price of the Mini Cooper?

BMW has opted to remain tight-lipped about the price of the Mini Cooper as of date. It is stated that the electric hatchback will bear a price tag of above $38,730.

When will the 2024 Mini Cooper be released?

The electric Mini Cooper is projected for a May 2024 release. This will be followed by the release of the petrol variant about a couple of months later.

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