2025 BMW M4 Facelift Rendered with New Bumper and Headlights

Renders were released recently of the manufacturer’s upcoming 2025 BMW M4 facelift giving an insight into its design changes.

The car will come with a new revised design for its bumper and revised headlights. The spy shots indicate many changes to the rear and front of the M4 Convertible and the M4 Coupe. The M4 is slated to have an extended lifecycle as the manufacturer has revealed that the car will be available in the market from 2027 to 2028.

2025 BMW M4 Exteriors and Interiors

The new BMW M4 LCI will come with new lights while housing the same prominent grilles at the same time. These new lights will be pretty much similar to those found in other facelifted models of the manufacturer such as the X5 and X6 models. For the headlights, the standard dual halos will be replaced by two upside-down checkmarks. This replacement will give the headlights a more digital and sharper appearance. It is also expected that the taillights will be modified and show a similarity to the laser lights equipped by the M4 CSL.

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Inside the car, the big curved display in the current M4 will continue to exist in the 2025 model as well. However, the display in the new model will be powered by the manufacturer’s iDrive 8.5. The manufacturer will also offer customers the choice of opting for carbon bucket seats.

2025 BMW M4 facelift

BMW M4 Engine Specifications

BMW is working on a power upgrade for the 2025 BMW M4 and also its M3 along with the design-oriented changes. The M4 and M3 Competition variants are expected to deliver 518 HP for the new G82M4 and G80M3 facelift models.

It is not known for now if the M4 and M3 rear-wheel drive models are bound to feature a power increase. However, there seems a less possibility of this happening because of their six-speed manual transmission.

What are the color options of the BMW M4?

The manufacturer has not let out any information about the color options for its upcoming M4. There is every possibility of BMW not only offering a new color palette but also new leather and trims options.

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What is the size of the BMW M4?

The 2024 model of the BMW M4 has a length of 189 inches, a width of 74 inches and a height of 55 inches just like the preceding years. The new model is also likely to be of the same size.

When will the 2025 BMW M4 be released?

BMW will begin the production of its G83M4 Convertible and G82M4 Coupe models in Summer 2024. The G83M3 Sedan production will also commence around the same time. Deliveries of these vehicles will begin shortly after this period.

Image Credits: BMWBLOG

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