2025 Land Rover Defender to be Released with 300 Miles Range

According to a recent report by the British Auto Express outlet, the luxury car Land Rover is expected to come out with a 2025 Land Rover Defender electric variant.

The Land Rover Defender is already on the way to becoming fully electric over the next few years. The last release of the 4 x 4 car was launched in 2020. The upcoming Defender lineup planned for the 2025 release will see the completely electric versions of the 2-Door 90, Defender 110, and long-wheelbase 130 models included in the portfolio. These cars will most likely be made available to Land Rover fans the following year in 2026.

MLA Flex platform for the 2025 Defender

The electric variant of the Land Rover Defender is likely to incorporate a change in the platform for the car. The manufacturer will make a deviation from its D7 Premium Lightweight Architecture to a new MLA Flex platform. This platform renders full support for both internal combustion engines as well as fully electric power trains and is already being implemented in the manufacturer’s Range Rover Sport and Range Rover models. The electric variants of these 2025 range rover models will be released towards the end of 2024.

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The change in the platform will only result in a change in the architecture. The platform switch will not make any major changes to the appearance or looks of the Land Rover Defender 2025.  The last time the manufacturer opted for a change in the platform was for its Discovery Sport car in 2019 with its Premium Traverse Architecture for more electrification.

2025 Land Rover Defender Electric Variant

The manufacturer has not made any statement regarding the benefits that the electric variant of the car will bring with respect to off-road performance. However, the driver will have good control of the electric power delivery via software management. The vehicle will also support advanced torque vectoring with high torque and have much better ground clearance with a completely flat underside.

The electric Land Rover Defender model of 2025 will be very much like the ICE counterpart that has been in the market since 2020.

Interior and Exterior Design of the Range Rover Defender

The major change would undoubtedly be the powertrain difference and a few minor external changes can also be expected. The infotainment system may also undergo a change and a larger screen can be expected. The electric car will also need lesser cooling.

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The cabin design is not expected to undergo much change as the present design has been well-accepted by customers. There is, however, a possibility of opting for more sustainable materials in its design. The Auto Express report also indicates that the car will incorporate a 100kWh battery pack that supports a distance of up to 300 miles.

The upcoming Land Rover Defender can also be more accurately controlled in tough terrains, thanks to the electric motor.

What is the Price of the 2025 Land Rover Defender?

The current internal combustion engine Defender model is available at a starting price of $55,100. Hence, it is only likely that the electric variant will be associated with a hefty price.

It is estimated that the electric 2025 Land Rover Defender will carry a price tag ranging between $75,000 to $80,000 for the basic model. The price of the fully loaded model can go up as much as more than $100,000, which is almost the same price as a Mercedes EQG.

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