2025 Mini Cooper OLED Screen, Retro Gauges and Dog Assistant Revealed

More and more information about the upcoming 2025 Mini Cooper by the German luxury automaker BMW is being revealed as the days go by.

If it was about the interiors over the last week, we now have some more inputs on the same with a specific focus on the OLED screen, retro gauges and dog assistant feature.

2025 Mini Cooper OLED Screen and Retro Gauges

Breaking away from the norms of a rectangular screen, the new Mini Cooper will sport a perfectly circular extremely thin OLED screen of 9.4-inch diameter. The OLED technology implies that the colors on the screen will portray extreme vividness and the backs will be truly the darkest possible. The screen will be powered by the manufacturer’s completely new Mini Operating System 9 and offer support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

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The content displayed on the screen will majorly be based on the experience mode opted for by the driver. These are the Core, Personal, Go-Kart, Vivid, Green, Timeless and Balance. There will be different lighting projections with each mode. While each mode will have something distinct to appear on the screen, certain things will always be the same irrespective of the mode. These include the speedometer, the auto climate controls, the shortcut bar at the bottom and the range.

With the standard Core mode, the screen will portray a simple interface highlighting the navigation, phone status and media across the screen. On the other hand, the Go-Kart mode will trigger a sporty driving experience. The screen will have a red and black color combination and depict a large speedo. This mode will also make adjustments to the optional ambient lighting of the cabin so that it complements the screen colors.

2025 Mini Cooper OLED

The Timeless mode will make the screen have a light background with a serif typeface. In contrast, the Personal mode will do full justice to its name. The car will allow you to update a photo of your choice in the Mini app and set it as the home screen image of your infotainment system.

On the electric variant of the 2025 Mini Cooper, the screen will support a new navigation system featuring EV route planning and a camera-enabled augmented view. This system will also guide you on how to arrive at your destination and charging stops when you have at least 10% battery remaining.

Mini Cooper Dog Assistant Feature

The new Mini Cooper will feature a new Personal Assistant. Dog lovers can talk to Spike the dog like any other assistant to carry out a task of their choice. Cat lovers will not feel left out as they can call on Mini the cat to perform the same actions.

Spike or Mini can also participate in regular conversations with you and keep you engaged during your drive.

What is the price of the Mini Cooper?

The upcoming Mini Cooper is anticipated to come with a starting price of $27,000. The Convertible Variant is expected to be associated with a starting price tag of $37,000.

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What is the price of the Mini Cooper?

The new Mini Cooper is slated to arrive in eight color options. These color options are likely to be Indigo Sunset Blue, Icy Sunshine Blue, Blazing Blue, Chilli Red II, Ocean Wave Green, British Racing Green, Sunny Side Yellow and Midnight Black.

 When will the 2025 Mini Cooper be released?

The new Mini Cooper is likely to make its debut before the year 2023 wraps up. The car will heat dealerships for sale in early 2024.

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