2027 Porsche Cayenne EV Spy Shots Revealed

Spy shots of the upcoming 2027 Porsche Cayenne were leaked recently giving a brief insight into what you can expect from the car.

Earlier in March, the manufacturer Porsche had officially declared that its next Cayenne would be an electric model. Hence, it can be safely guessed that the 2027 model will be fully electric.

2027 Porsche Cayenne Exteriors and Interiors

The spy shots indicate that the upcoming Porsche Cayenne resembles one of the prototypes of the manufacturer’s electric Macan scheduled to arrive in early 2024. However, there are a few giveaway signs that it could be a test fourth-generation fully-electric Cayenne model.

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In comparison to the Macan, the spy shots of the test mule reveal that on the outside, the car will have wide wheel arches and produce a very wide track. The back wheels will be pushed a little backward and result in a slightly long wheelbase. The windshield will also be sloped differently from that of the Macan. As for the interiors, earlier reports indicate that the car will most likely have a seating capacity for five people like the current model.

Porsche Cayenne Engine Details

There is very less information on what lies under the hood of the 2027 Porsche Cayenne. The SUV is expected to ride on the PPE modular platform from Volkswagen Group for premium EVs.

2027 Porsche Cayenne exterior

While the manufacturer has yet to make any confirmation on the engine, it is speculated that the fully electric Cayenne will house a four-motor powertrain. This will help the car deliver not only high power outputs but also more accurate as well as quicker control for torque vectoring. This speculation cannot be completely ruled out as way back in 2019, Porsche announced that such a system was in the works.

Where will the Porsche Cayenne be manufactured?

The production of the Porsche Cayenne will be done in Bratislava, Slovakia at the Volkswagen Group’s plant. Interestingly, this is the same plant where the manufacturer is working on the gas-powered Cayenne for 2024 with a major update.

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Where will the Porsche Cayenne be manufactured?

The latest Porsche Cayenne e-hybrid, as of date, has a length of 194.1 inches, a width of 78.1 inches and a height of 66.8 inches. It is expected that the 2027 model will be of at least the same size, if not bigger as it will be fully electric.

When will the 2027 Porsche Cayenne be released?

The Porsche Cayenne is expected to arrive sometime in 2026. This will make the SUV a 2027 model as far as its market launch is considered.


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