Holland Range Rover and Holland is a Limited Edition Hunters’ SUV

Hunting is a posh entertainment activity that the privileged few indulge in and the next generation of SUVs from Land Rover aims to satisfy the requirements of those in need.

The Holland and the Holland Range Rover are designed to make hunting a satisfying experience. It comes in limited quantities, though!

Land Rover Holland

The vehicle is the result of hundreds of man-hours invested by the Jaguar Land Rover’s Special Vehicle Operations unit. The unit exists to build unique vehicles that are not used by the everyday users, but by those who have special requirements and conditions where these cars are supposed to perform efficiently. Talking about the project, John Edwards, managing director of the SVO team at Jaguar expressed his joy on being able to come up with robust models.

“The entire team at the special vehicle operations is really proud of what they have done. The idea is to meet specific requirements, which the Holland and Holland Range Rover customers have, in an efficient manner. The car will offer the best experience on-road as well as off-road making it an all-round performance model”, said Edwards.

In order to maintain the unique hunting design, the limited edition cars feature a green colored tint, which is also used in the front grille, as well as the door handles. The side vents and the tailgates are fitted with the Holland Range Rover badges to let people know that you own an exclusive edition that couldn’t be found anywhere else.

The dashboard is fitted with a unique diamond pattern, which is found on rifles and shotguns made by a specific brand. The interiors are made posh with espresso, tan leather combo that adds a unique blend of luxury to the SUV, while setting the mood to go hunting anytime of the year. French walnut veneers are also used.

Holland Range Rover

A wide range of new features can be found in the Holland and the Holland Range Rover which includes a cover for the luggage area, illuminated doors for night time hunting, floor mats and stitching with brand logo at appropriate places. The rear cargo is the biggest addition in the SUV which can hold two long guns at once. The locked case design is deployable and is leather trimmed for that exquisite feel.

Land Rover has confirmed that only 30 models of the Holland and the Holland Range Rover will be built. The car has been priced at $245,495. It will be available only for customers in North America for now.

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