5th Planned Parenthood Video Reveals More of its Dark Side

For a long time now, anti-abortion activists have been fighting against the government, demanding them to stop funding ‘Planned Parenthood’.

The anti-abortion group didn’t stop with protests and rallies but took a further step ahead. They recorded a series of videos that showed the dark side of the process and the way government funding indirectly feeds the wrong people.

In the video, it was evident that the medical staff and doctors were hardly interested in doing the job for which the government has been paying them. They are assigned the task of separating the tissue from the aborted fetuses which will later be transferred to the research facilities. However, in the video that was shot without the knowledge of these medical assistants, they spoke dismissively and expressed their concerns over the activities that are being carried out with government funding.

Planned Parenthood

According to statistics, ‘Planned Parenthood’ affiliates around the country have received a massive sum of $528.4 million. The government fund includes local county funds and state and federal contributions. The activist group claims that with so much of funds to handle, a lot of misdeeds have been taking place in the name of abortions.

The political opponents, on the other hand, are doubtful on stopping funds for the organization which may or may not contribute to the total number of abortions recorded in the country. Based on their side of the story, the ‘Planned Parenthood’ program has been contributing to a lot of women who belong to the low and moderate income groups. It helps preserve their health through STD screening services and contraception methods which are funded by the government dollars.

They also added that when the government funds are abruptly stalled, the entire cost of maintaining the centers and treatment solutions will smother the health organizations. Even if they work together, it is practically impossible to undertake such costs.

The bill to halt funds has already failed because majority of the Republican women refused to support it as it could have an adverse effect on the health of the women of varied age groups who rely on it. The Senate has not revealed its stand on this issue, while the activists continue to protest in different forms. Varying factors were discussed during the last meet and the community which supports the ban presented a detailed report on the fund distribution. The report pointed out various sources, total expenses incurred for the government and the way the money is being used by the organization.

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