7-Seat Dacia Duster SUV Slated For 2018 Launch

The budget brand Dacia has been going on a pretty good run as the company has already sold over four million cars since their debut in 2004.

Dacia Duster

Enthused by the great numbers, the team behind Dacia is going to boost sales by launching multiple new models so as to cope up with increasing competition in the automotive market. SUVs are one of the hottest selling variants around the globe and it has prompted every manufacturer to focus on the segment like never before. Dacia is going to do the same by launching a seven seater Duster SUV in the year 2018.

The brand already has a large, spacious Duster in its lineup. The newer model, which has been tentatively titled as Grand Duster is ready to hit the store a year later after the base model find its way to the dealership zones. With seven seats, increased boot space and numerous new features, Dacia aims to make the seven seat Grand Duster SUV an appealing choice for those who travel a lot and have large families to accommodate. For the first time in many years, Dacia aims to revamp the design of the SUV to great levels.

A bunch of exclusive images are available online. They reveal the new approach the automobile brand has adopted. The boxy look associated with earlier Dacia SUVs has been removed and in its place, you can find a sleek and elegantly designed body. The SUV now resembles a sedan in terms of seamless finish while the same headroom is provided to keep passengers on board comfortable. Besides, the automaker is building the new seven seater model on the same platform used by the base model which facilitates them to keep the pricing close to the five-seater SUV model.

Dacia Duster 2018

The new car features an increased wheelbase which is 200mm longer than the standard model. The total length of the model is measured at 4.7 meters. It leads to an increased boot space which offers over 650 liters of cargo area. The standard model offers 500-liters of storage area. The spacing is calculated when the rear seats are folded and it will be much lesser when the car is full with passengers.

The upcoming Dacia Grand Duster is designed to compete with existing models like Nissan X-Trail, Kia Sorento and will be priced above 13,000 UK pounds. Dacia is always known for keeping technology to the bare minimal. A similar approach will be adopted with the new Duster set for 2018 launch.

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