Audi Unveils Special Black Edition For A3, TT, S6 and S7 Variants

Audi first launched the Q3 Black Edition that grabbed the attention of many and it was a successful launch which now prompted the brand to roll out special black editions for the A3, TT, TT Roadster, S6 Avant and the S7 Sportback edition.

Audi Q3 Black Edition

All these models come with a different price tag and trimlines based on what you opt for. The most affordable Black Edition available in stores is the Audi A3 priced at £26,565. The car is available as a three-door and five-door model, with both sportback and saloon versions giving buyers much options to pick from. The features found in this particular model are a significant upgrade from the original S-Line trim. It now packs 18-inch alloy wheels with privacy glass and the black color tone is carried throughout the car including the door mirrors and the grille. The ten-speaker system offers great surround sound experience and gives a premium feel to the A3.

Next in the lineup is the Audi S3 Black Edition priced at £33,880. It uses five-sport 18-inch Turbine wheels while the saloon variant uses 19-inch wheels. There’s always a prominent focus on sound quality as the S3 uses a surround system from the Bang and Olufsen brand. Following the same is the TT and TT Roadster Black Edition models priced at £31,735. They have the same sound system from Bang and Olufsen combined with larger 19-inch Blade alloys. The more powerful TT S Black Edition is priced at £41,285. The TT Roadster is equipped with an electric wind deflector.

With every new model in the lineup, there is a notable increase in the wheel size. All the Audi Black Edition cars have bigger, black wheels to compliment the overall lineup. The S6 and the S6 Avant Black Edition boast of large 20-inch alloy wheels with a stylish five spoke design. The S7 Sportback bumps it up even further to 21-inch wheels. Instead of the sound system from Bang and Olufsen, they get upgraded to a more popular brand, Bose. The surround system features multiple speakers from Bose. It also features piano black finish in the interior trim combined with an easy to use flat bottomed steering wheel for best comfort.

Audi S3 Black Edition

In terms of powertrain, all the Audi cars including the A3, TT, S6 and S7 variants remain the same. There is no change in its overall performance or fuel efficiency whereas the black edition is all about cosmetic changes and making it more, black!

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