Future EV Car Rinspeed Oasis Concept Features 5K Display and Bonsai Garden

Car manufacturers might bring down the roof when the CES 2017 event takes place next month.

The Rinspeed Oasis concept seems like a perfect example of how outrageous the company would love to get to innovate the automobile industry.

Rinspeed Oasis Concept

The Oasis concept might take another five years or so to be actually seen as a production car. The idea however seems lavish and enticing to most buyers especially when you could carry a Bonsai garden on board to contribute to the environment. The Oasis is a two-seater model which utilizes the best of autonomous technology and it can not only drive in heavy city traffic but can also rotate on the same spot to change directions. If you have had the chance to see the movie the Dark Knight Rises, a similar rotating wheels was spotted on a bike and automakers are trying to bring this fantasy into reality in a car.

When the car can automatically get you to your destination, the next obvious step is to improve cabin quality. It’s a lounge like setup where passengers can simply relax. A small area in front of the seat is used to setup a small garden comprising of bonsai trees. It can be used to grow vegetables, herbs and any other small plant that you choose to grow in your car! Instead of conventional seats, the model uses armchairs for increased comfort.

In front of the relaxing seats is the large display with 5K resolution. We are really not sure how good it will be to view such high resolution up close but when we can manage 1080p screens on 5-inch smartphones, this shouldn’t be much of a problem. The Rinspeed Oasis self-driving car can autonomously go to any spot but surprisingly has a steering wheel.

Rinspeed Oasis EV Concept

The lounge seating area can be converted into a small round work surface for multiple passengers to sit together and complete their work on the go. There is an option to change it from automatic to manual to make use of the steering wheel. There is a catch though! In order to take the steering wheel, you should pass the road fitness and alertness test so the car can be sure you are fit to drive. Sounds like a plot that would make sci-fi movie writers happy because the power to determine a person’s capability is given to an automobile.

Rinspeed has launched multiple concept cars in the past and this one is heading to the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show where many such models will make their fitness appearance.

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