A Brand New Mercedes SL with Refined Features Launched at Los Angeles Show

The Los Angeles Motor Show is the humble abode of some of the world’s luxury cars and the revamped version of the Mercedes SL is one among them.

The brand made good use of the show floor to showcase their brand new SL which is going to hit the dealership stores in the month of April next year. With almost six months to go, it is a good strategy to show the vehicle to the buyers and excite them by detailing its specifications.

2016 Mercedes Benz sl

The aesthetics of the car has been modified by way of minor improvements, starting with the grille. It is completely turned on its head with a diamond look which is something that may appeal to a majority of buyers. The team at Mercedes could have thought over it multiple times before ditching the traditional horizontal and vertical bars to choose a diamond grille which is a noteworthy decision they have made.

All-new LED headlamps adorn the front of the car which is heavily inspired by Mercedes Benz S-Class models. The lower bumper has been modified so that it can accommodate the daytime running lights to provide better vision for the driver and to cover more area on dark roads. With a modified bumper, the car has better headroom so that a compact central air intake as well as lower vents could be incorporated into it.

The modifications in the new Mercedes Benz SL can be witnessed in the rear where tail lights are now one piece. If you are looking for sportier designs and better performance, obviously the AMG variant is the best fit to go for. The automobile manufacturer also offers two new color variants to choose from, a brilliant blue and a grey magno. Buyers can also choose to upgrade their vehicle with a wide range of alloy wheels to pick from.

Mercedes-AMG SL, R 231, 2015

Mercedes is inclined to offer its buyers the best and are going to allow them to pick from different engine variants. There will be a six cylinder, eight and 12-cylinder petrol engines to choose, from which has variable horsepower and torque. The basic variant will offer a moderate 362 bhp and can accelerate from 0 to 62 miles per hour in just 4.9 seconds.

Other features in the new SL includes a Sport+ mode and has Active Body Control. It also has driving assistant package, emergency braking and a fully adjustable hard top which can be adjusted based on the speed you are driving at.

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