Abarth 595 Hot Hatch Gets Improved Tech Features and Power Boost

The Abarth 595 hot hatchback has received a new upgrade as part of which the car now features better technology updates and an increased performance.

The model is set to go on sale in the month of June.

Abarth 595

The refresh will take place after the Abarth 124 Spider roadster is official and is launched in the stores. The pocket rocket engine is the same powertrain used in the earlier model. However, the designers have tweaked its performance giving it a slight power boost to achieve better acceleration and top speed. It is powered by a 1.4-liter Jet turbo petrol which is capable of delivering 143 horsepower with the entry level 595 model. The more powerful 595 turismo is capable of rendering 162 horsepower.

It is not just the performance that has been tweaked but the team has worked on adopting some design cues from the Fiat 500 City car. The daytime running lights resemble the shape of a halo while the rear lights are ring shaped with clusters of LEDs put together for best visibility. They are seamlessly integrated into the shape of the Abarth 595 hot hatchback giving it a sporty finish. The front bumper is another new addition along with huge air intakes and there’s a large rear diffuser.

The car is now equipped with 17-inch Granturismo wheels. They are said to be lighter than the previous one and the bigger size makes it easier to install large Brembo brakes. The exclusive Turismo and Competizionemodels are equipped with Koni FSD shock absorbers. They are available as part of the package and doesn’t require additional costs. The high end variants also include Recaro Monza exhaust with two different modes to choose from.

On the inside, the Abarth 595 has a UConnect infotainment system connected to a 5-inch touchscreen display. Entertainment functionalities are handled using the system which also supports satellite navigation, DAB radio. It is also compatible with both Android Auto and Apple Car Play. However, the manufacturer has added that these functions will be available on request and will not be pre-loaded in the car.

Abarth 595 hot hatchback

Abarth offers Beats audio system for customers who opt for it. The steering wheel in the latest model is flat bottomed and the dashboard features a trim to match the overall color tone used in the interiors. The next gen version of the Abarth 595 is all set to go on sale in June 2016. The launch takes place in Europe and more regions will be covered later.

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