Acura CDX Will be Exclusive to China, Launched in Beijing Show

The new Acura CDX compact crossover was launched at the 2016 Beijing auto show and it is going to be a model exclusive for the Chinese market.

The company confirmed that they don’t have plans to sell it in other regions yet.

The car is powered by turbocharged four-cylinder engine with dual clutch automatic transmission system. Acura revealed its precision concept at the Detroit show held this year and added that the CDX is most probably the first model to receive this styling. As promised, they revealed the new crossover with the precision styling concept. The pentagon grille is one of the most significant changes in the car and the Acura brand badge is oversized to create a bold look with diamond shaped accents.

Acura CDX

The rear end of the Acura CDX revealed at the Beijing show looks a lot likethe RDX with Jewel eye headlights. The brand confirmed that they will use the 1.5-liter turbo charged four-cylinder engine. The car is mated to an eight speed automatic transmission with dual clutch for the smoothest transmission possible. They are yet to talk in detail about the powertrain used in the crossover.

Acura solely scheduled the event at the Beijing expo to focus on the precision styling concept and didn’t reveal much about the performance of the car. The engine used in the model is expected to deliver at least 170 horsepower but the numbers are purely fictional until we get an official confirmation from the developers. The default version will go for a front wheel drive system while buyers can choose to upgrade it to an all-wheel driving system.

The crossover is the first even Acura scheduled to be manufactured in China and sold exclusively in the region. Most models released in the Beijing show were confirmed for a global launch but some of them were made for the Chinese buyers. The Acura CDX is said to be a model designed to compete with BMW X1 and the Audi Q3 among a range of other compact crossovers.

Acura CDX Exclusive

But, unless and until Acura decide to bring their CDX to the United States, they will have very little competition in the region of their choice. Such crossovers are usually popular in the west and Acura may soon come to US, UK and Europe. When they do so, they should have the best powertrain and luxury features combined so as to sound appealing to the buyers.

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