Acura ILX Sales Expected to Remain Undeterred Despite 2016 Honda Civic Revamp

Earlier, it was claimed that the 2016 Honda Civic has all the possible features to beat and affect the sales of 2016 Acura ILX sales. A similar claim has been made randomly by industry watchers who opined the Accord Touring may beat the Acura TLX.  

While it may sound credible at one point, in reality, statistics clarify that the customers who love the Acura have hardly moved to a Honda car or truck. They are not only fond of the brand, but are so used to its features that they never prefer to move away from their comfort zone. In the direct comparison tests, it was evident that the Honda Civic from 2015 was a much better model, because it offered great performance on-road, had more room for the passengers and has multiple safety features, which ensured a ride like never before. However, we have other points to support why the Acura ILX is different.


In order to stay ahead of the competition, a brand new compact Acura ILX is all set to be revealed in 2016. The 2017 Acura will bring multiple new features included performance upgrades and safety standards to the table so that it could distinguish itself from a Civic or an Accord. Besides, the manufacturer has also expressed their desire to launch a 2.0 liter turbo version of the sedan in the near future so as to cater to their loyal customers.

A performance variant of the car based on the Civic Si is also being considered. If the performance coupe version is coming, it will most probably sport an automatic transmission system and not manual gears because drivers who have had an Acura for a long time are more used to the former than the latter. The next gen Acura ILX will sport powerful eight speed automatic transmission system.


The base price of the Acura ranges between $27,900 and $34,890. While the pricing is almost similar to the models offered by other manufacturers like Audi and BMW, it continues to amass support from the buyers unlike any other model. The sales volume is credited to its performance, fuel efficiency and comfort, which usually is a hit or miss with the other models, but not with Acura. The models have been consistent throughout history even though it never underwent any drastic design changes in the recent past.

With such a strong foundation and fan following, we can confidently claim that the 2016 Honda Civic may have little impact on the Acura ILX sales trend.

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