Alfa Romeo Giulietta 2017 will Sport Rear Wheel Drive

Alfa Romeo is all set to welcome the next generation of automobiles and the brand has plenty of plans up their sleeve.

They are going to opt for Giulia platform which will be shortened in the upcoming family hatchback apart from other prominent modifications. Giulia saloon is all set to get launched next year and the surprising addition will be a brand new SUV as part of the launch lineup. An inside source has now confirmed that the upcoming hatchback will sport a rear wheel drive option. They have even launched a teaser image which showcases how the car but it’s just a concept design that may change radically in the final design.

Alfa Romeo Giulietta 2017 2

Speaking about the upcoming Giulietta at the Fiat Chrysler Automobile show, the head of the group, Alberto Dillilo said that they are eyeing to build a smaller version of the car. It will be a little shortened but will retain the design aesthetics and sport a rear wheel drive. “From a technical perspective, what we are suggesting is totally possible. However, we are yet to confirm the idea”, he added.

During the FCA meeting, the brands also expressed their idea to make vehicles which are exceptionally cost efficient, easier to handle and compact in shape. Everything falls into place and confirmed the presence of a brand new next Alfa Romeo Giulietta 2017 model. Trade analysts expect the rear wheel drive option to be the unique sales point for the vehicle.

At the moment, the only rear drive vehicle available in Europe is the BMW 1 hatchback series. BMW has been enjoying a place that is totally free of competition and those who wish to buy a car which sports RWD has to go with the brand due to lack of choices. The issue might finally be put to rest by the Alfa Romeo.

Alfa Romeo Giulietta 2017

They are looking forward to promote the Giulietta as the sporty designed premium hatchback that a section of the buyer community has been demanding for a long time. It may also lead to the boosted performance model which may deliver over 500 bhp, offering it the speed that car enthusiasts demand.

For now, there is no word on the powertrain that the company plans to use. As expected, they will be launching petrol variants as well as diesel engines. It may not sport a hybrid model or plug-in because of the lack of demand for such in the current market.

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