Alfa Romeo’s Executive Saloon Revealed to Beat BMW 5 Series

Alfa Romeo is working on a brand new model, an executive saloon designed to compete against the BMW 5 series. A list of exclusive images had emerged online and we bring them all to you for your viewing pleasure.

Keeping it on par with changing trends, Alfa Romeo has rolled out multiple powertrain options for their buyers. The new saloon will have a gasoline, diesel engine along with plug-in hybrid as well as a brand new six-cylinder diesel engine variant. The model is being built on the same rear wheel drive platform similar to the Giulia saloon. Based on what we have known so far, the powertrains should be the same as well. The lot includes diesel and petrol variants with four-cylinder engine.

BMW 5 Series

The company’s top representatives commented that they are looking forward to expand their lineup and offer something new for their audience around the globe. Refreshing their lineup is considered an essential move at this point. “Our launches will be relatively fast that it has been in the past because models like saloons and SUVs always have a great opportunity to sell in the market. We owe our investors something new and that is what we plan to do in the near future,” said Harald Wester, chief technology officer at Fiat Chrysler.

The upcoming model will most probably be powered by a 2.2-liter diesel engine. The output power will however vary somewhere between 148 horsepower to a higher 178 horsepower. The 2.0-liter petrol engine is capable of rendering a total of 197 horsepower. Wester confirmed that the petrol engine is one of the most versatile offering from the company.

A new Giulia Quadrifoglio powered by a twin turbo V6 engine is in the making. If it goes as planned, the car will be able to deliver 503 horsepower. The model may also witness the first ever six-cylinder powertrain launch from Alfa Romeo. The car is expected to be mated to an eight speed automatic transmission but for those who love being old school, the manufacturer also offers a six speed manual transmission. All these specifications are reserved for the UK variant of the car while other region models may witness minor changes.

Alpha Romeo

The new Alfa Romeo version is designed in such a way that it could be fully electrified when needed. The company’s boss confirmed that their car is ready for the future and will be versatile enough to accommodate all functionalities including semi-autonomous driving.

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