All BMW M Cars Will Become Hybrids in Future

While it is difficult to complete ditch gasoline powered vehicles altogether, BMW is aiming to totally revamp its M series so that all of them could be powered with hybrid engines.

The company strongly believes that with the help of electricity powered motors, their cars could perform much better and be eco-friendly at the same time. BMW has opined that they are not interested to solely focus on reducing CO2 emissions on road or to provide people a chance to enjoy decreased fuel costs because they could charge their car at home. The brand is looking at possible options to use the electric motor and the gasoline engine so as to boost the overall speed of the car.


Dirk Hacker, vice-president of the engineering department had a detailed discussion with a top automobile magazine during which he discussed about the possibility of introducing hybrids for the entire BMW M series cars.

“We are ready to adopt the new technology especially when it is becoming inevitable and all circumstances point towards it. We have also received note that our buyers are not interested in using a car that doesn’t have a combustion engine attached to it”, he commented.

While it is good news, it also implies that BMW may not introduce all-electric cars soon because they strongly believe that hybrids are the future. They are in no hurry to switch to EVs, but rather want to make cars faster, run efficiently besides having an alternative motor to switch to, at specific occasions.

He also added that the weight of the car plays a crucial role in making it fuel efficient and perform well on the road. A lot of factors should be taken into account, but BMW is clear about adopting hybrid technology in at least one of their line ups.

The company’s chief said even though they wish to adopt new technology they are also keen not to reduce the experience a driver receives, when driving their vehicles. They don’t want to compromise in comfort in order to provide better performance and fuel economy.


It may be some months before the first generation of BMW M hybrid cars start rolling in, but the upcoming auto expos including the Geneva Show should be a good benchmark to know what the brand engineers have up their sleeve. An electric friendly automobile future is inevitable, but how far are they going to push the technology matters the more than simply adopting it.

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