Alpha-N Performance Package Released to Boost BMW M2’s Power

The brand released the BMW M2 a week ago, but within this short period, Alpha-N Performance has released an add-on package, which, when added to the car, can make it simply amazing on the road.

Alpha-N is a company known for its tuning component packages that they release from time to time. They focus on some of the most popular cars from around the globe and release packages for them. It is a great way for buyers to boost the performance of their basic model without spending a fortune. At the moment, the team is busy working on multiple components for the BMW M2 sedan. They are building a brand new carbon fiber front splitter, huge carbon fiber rear wing, roof, wing mirrors and other parts made of lightweight, yet sturdy carbon material.


They have also developed a new brake cooling system which keeps the vehicle under control even when it has achieved its top most speed. The wheels have been upgraded using OZ Superforgiata models which makes them lightweight and swift on the road. The company has released a couple of images of the BMW M2 with all their custom parts installed on it. It should give you a fair view of how the car will look after buying the performance package.

A chip tune is under development for the M2 and it will also receive a water injection system similar to the one found in the higher variant – the M4 GTS. In terms of design, the package makes the ordinary M2 look more like a sports car, especially with the splendid, black rear spoilers and the dark black wheels.

If you wish to achieve a sporty look for the car, the Alpha-N Performance package could probably be the best choice available when the company officially launches it in the market. The vehicle is powered by a 3.0 liter six cylinder engine boosted by a Twin Scroll exhaust system. It delivers a cool 365 horsepower with 343 lb feet of torque.

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BMW M2 is relatively a new car in the market and Alpha-N may probably not be the only company to make packages for the car. There will be plenty of third party vendors who will come up with their own speed boost and design variations for the M2. You can choose the one based on your budget and requirement which will bring the best out of the car. There is no specific release date for this package, but it is expected to be out real soon.

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